TEACHING STYLES: Rock, Pop, Punk, Metal, Country, Technique, Method & Theory




Musical Achievements: Jack started his music career at the age of 9 when he started playing the trumpet.  He quickly picked up the guitar and began studying under Josh Enemy of Suffield Music.  After playing in a few different bands Jack started writing his own songs and began performing as a solo singer/songwriter during his senior year of high school.  Jack currently works as a performer and live sound engineer while he finishes his bachelor degree.

Approach To Teaching: I love working with beginning students.  When a student has little experience playing their instrument they’re very open to new music and new styles of playing.  I try to create a lesson with a mix of general musical education while still catering to the student’s goals as a musician.

In My Own Words: Whether you aspire to play an arena or just play around the campfire there’s always something to be learned in music.  Why not give it a try?