TEACHING STYLES: Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Method & Theory




Musical Achievements: Coming from a very musical family, Dustin began playing music at a very young age. Starting with drums, he soon after moved to guitar, piano, bass, and vocals, among others. Dustin studied vocals/guitar, along with music theory at HCC for 2 years, and plans to continue to further his education. Dustin currently plays in an acoustic duo at many venues in the Springfield area, and does session work for Professional Audio Systems; a recording studio out of Holyoke, MA.

Approach to Teaching: I believe that every person can learn to play an instrument, and play it well. The right practice, patience, and motivation are the keys to success. I encourage my students to learn what they love, and make it their own. Once students become interested in the music that they are learning, they start having fun, and at the end of the day that’s what making music is all about. Fun!

In My Own Words: Everyone has the capability to be a great musician. Set your goals, practice, and remember that even the best musicians had to start somewhere.