TEACHING STYLES: Method & Theory, FUNdamentals, Technique, Stick Control, Posture, Tuning, Rock, Classic Rock, Contemporary, Funk, Pop, Country, Blues




Musical Achievements:  Chris is self and privately taught. Is a multi-instrumentalist who’s main focus is drums and percussion. He has been playing drums for nearly 30 years and has been performing live for 20 years with numerous different bands.

Approach to Teaching: Chris has an outgoing and very patient personality and utilizes a positive reinforcement teaching style. He has a strong understanding of how important music is to the mind, body and soul. Chris enjoys teaching new students and students of any age who are looking to expand their knowledge of all things drums. Chris will focus on the importance of fundamentals, stick control and posture while emphasizing fun and balancing the personal goals of each student.


In My Own Words: I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my passion from an early age, as a third generation drummer. Drumming for me is everything. I could never envision drumming being absent from my life. I believe drumming is a continuous journey of learning and evolving, that drives me to continuously strive to be a better Instructor and drummer/musician.